Insiders Consulting
  • Our company specializes in the service of assistance, consultations and conducting business negotiations.
  • On a competitive basis, company recruiting energetic and ambitions people!
  • We are looking for interesting personalities with a new vision to cooperate with us.
  • Social status, diplomas and other kinds of awards and titles have secondary importance for us.
Preferred qualities:
  • Responsible
  • Goal Orientation
  • Quick Learner
  • Communicative
  • Intellectually mature
  • Fluent English Speaker, Reader and Listener (necessarily).
Two types of working day schedule
Lunchtime- 45 min included
small breaks during working hours.
Free tea, coffee, comfortable working conditions.
We provide you with a high salary, fixed rate and a high percentage with the possibility of career growth.
If you want, your salary depends on you - join us!
We Demand:
  • You and your best sides
  • Diligence and responsible job attitude
  • Discipline and Understanding
We Promise:
  • Friendly and Positive Team
  • Interesting Working Process
  • Constant financial and personal growth
  • General and Self Development
If this information is interesting for you, we will welcome you in the interview to share with us your expectations and opportunities.
Contact us
In case, your candidature will be approved for the training course, you will be able to learn the untypical methodology of effective communication, interesting techniques of modeling your speech, ways of individual and financial progress.
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